Need experienced peoples advice about implantation bleeding

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Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 7:38 am 
Post subject: Need experienced peoples advice about implantation bleeding
Ok I have a very irregular period but I still ovulate every month. This started after I had my first child. My second child I didnt have a period for 3 months and out of the blue I was a month pregnant really through me for a loop because I didnt know I could get pregnant without a period. Well its been about 3 months again still no period. Well I was ovulating around the 8th of july and exactly 14 days later from the 8th I started this pink/ brownish bleeding. Very light and only when I wiped. Well the next day for a couple of hours it was a little heavy but not like a normal period what so ever. Kind of like mild heavy. Not normal for me what so ever cause I go a few months without having one. Well after the couple of hours its slacked up. Then the next 3 days im back to the brownish/pink again. Then the next day it was just gone. No anything at all. Through the bleeding I had mild cramps nothing to drastic which again is not normal cause when I have a period im curled up in a ball in my bed clenching to my stomach cause it hurts so bad. So I was wondering if im having implantation bleeding or maybe mother nature is being generous this time.

Im really sorry for the book lol I just had to explain what was going on
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