need help asap! dont kno if im pregnant

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Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 4:14 pm 
Post subject: need help asap! dont kno if im pregnant
Hello , need a little help worried if i am pregnant or not.. So my last period started on july 7th 2014 till july 12,2014 my fertility days were July 15 till july 19th i ovulation day was july 20, i had unprotected sex the following days july 13, 14, and the 17 tth he came inside each day besides on july 20th he pulled out. What is my chance of being pregnant? I took 2 tests n both were negative.. My breats have been sore and had heart burn a few times minor nausea but its not as if i never felt any of it before my period .. Only thing i dont consider normal happening is the heartburn.. My patients is running out starting to stress as you can tell. I have been pregnant before from him and was off pre cum so me n him are very fertile, last time wasnt on my ovulation date either was a few days before
Sad dont kno wat to think
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Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:07 pm 
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Why stress?? you obviously want to be pregnant so you should be happy!! haha

Considering you got pregnant with him before just off pre cum and now THIS time he actually came in you just a few days prior to your ovulation AND he used the useless pullout method (might as well kept it in there) lol then you have all the chance in the world chikky!? Sperm lives for 3-5 days so even the intercourse on the 17th could of got you preg! bit early to be testing yet....

wait 2-3 weeks after unprotected sex before you test depending on what sensitivity preg test you get of course, you can get ones that may turn pos i think 4 days before a period???? Question Pretty nifty hey!? but i wasnt going to spend the big buck cause i was so impatient (even tho i tested like crazy BUT the very last test came up pos when my AF was late by 1 day!!) i got off the implanon just 2 months prior from having it in 3 times over the years so didnt take me long, even i was on the pill and missed it by 1 day due to drinking with OH and now we have 2 yr old son and now im 13w5d with 2nd Very Happy

i had tru preg symptoms 1 week prior to AF and from what your saying, nausea is 1 of them, (still getting it but tapeing off a little), heart burn happened abit later for me...

Just think, if you got preg just off pre cum and your so fertile as you say then you might very well be pregnant! just test when your periods due Smile

I feel like im the only one bloody emailing back people on this forum cause its harsh to see soo many people read and run and i hate that lol

★☆✿ LIFE is like a camera,, just focus on whats important & capture the good times,, develop from the negatives & if things don't work out,, just take another shot! ツ ♥♡✿
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