Is it implantation bleeding?

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Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 2:44 am 
Post subject: Is it implantation bleeding?
Hi all, new here but looks like a supportive place. I'm hoping for shared experiences on implantation bleeding.

My husband and I are ttc, and I'm unsure if what I'm experiencing is implantation bleeding, an early period (there is a first for everything) or something else.

My cycle varies between 31 and 40 days. Yesterday, day 27, I went to the toilet and (TMI alert) there was a small, bright red spot, and some light pink creamy discharge. I have NEVER had this before. Ever. Over the next few hours it slowly progressed to dark brown, almost black discharge, with a few small clots. A very, very light flow, by the end of the day I only had a small amount on the pad. It has continued today, showing on the pad and on toilet paper. I had some light cramping yday, and gosh my breasts hurt, and been aching terribly for about a week.

I would be about 10 days post ovulation. My period is due in three days and has NEVER been early before, I've been tracking it formally for a year and the shortest my cycle has ever been was 31 days.

I've taken three First Response pregnancy tests over the last few days - all negative.

Am I just wishful thinking?
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Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:16 pm 
Post subject: am I pregnant or is this my period
I had a baby in 5\14\14 and I haven't had my period yet. Well September 8,9,and 10 of 2014 I had a pinkish creamy brown dischargeand then it turned into really light pink blood but only when I wiped .and on September 11th I had light cramping. I was just wondering what this if it is implantation bleeding or am I pregnant.
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Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:19 am 
Post subject:
It could very well be implantantion bleeding it sound very simular to mine.
My periods have never been regular and vary sometimes i had a 20 day cycle and sometimes it would be well over 40.
When i found i was pregnant i had very very light pink blood for a few days then it turned to brown and almost black and this went on for over a week. Id never had a period like that before so tested a week later and was a strong positive. Id wait a bit and test again.... Good luck

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