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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:33 pm 
Post subject: breast milk
Hi there,

I gave birth to my beautiful little boy on 7th march 2008 weighing 8.12pound (not bad for a first baby) i really wanted to breast feed, and managed to for the first couple of days, but as i have inverted nipples it was very difficult to establish a good latch, i tried hand expressing however i wasn't getting much out and it was taking ages, so he is now haveing just formula, i am getting a breast pump, but my milk supply has now dried up, can anyone tell me, if i start expressing with a pump will the supply come back or shall i just stick to doing the formula, feel like i have really let myself and matthew down and am disapointed as it was something i really wanted to do but matthew lost over 14% body weight and the midwife was going to admit him to hopsital, he is putting weight on now, so all is a bit happier.

Would appreciate if anyone can help

thanks sarah xxx
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Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:07 pm 
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better late than never

dont beat yourself up about it, i know they say "breast is best", but you cant always do that, my 2 daughters was bottle fed as i couldnt breast feed them and they are now 12yrs and 14 yrs old, and there is nothing wrong with there health you tried thats all you can do, but if this helps my friend had the same problem and she was advised to buy a breastpump. and to use it just before baby was due a feed, as it would draw the nipple out enough for the baby to latch onto ... another thing she was told about was a nipple sheild which also helps in drawing the nipple out

also you could try the pump (even now) i breast fed my son for 3 months he is now 8 months old (and bottle fed thank god lol i can now pass him to somone else to feed him) and the milk has only just started to go away Embarassed as my husband has told me Embarassed so try giving them a squezze Embarassed

hope this helps

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Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:24 pm 
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hiya hun, dont worry bout it all, do whatever's natural hun and ignore anything negative from anyone else Smile there's always next time 4 breastfeeding Very Happy xxx

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