Trying to conceive - confused about implantation bleeds

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Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 10:21 pm 
Post subject: Trying to conceive - confused about implantation bleeds
Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone out there can share their experience with me if they are in a simliar situation.

I am 30 years old and have been on the pill for 10 years. A year ago I came off it as my hubby and I want to try for a baby. It's been 12 months of trying and no success. I have monitored my ovulation period by my cervic mucus and have also bought ovulation kits from the pharmacy. It is difficult as my period is very irregular since I got off the pill, the length can range anything from 35 days to 46 days and once it was even 60 days!

Just a few weeks ago, by monitoring my mucus, I knew when I was ovulating and my hubby and I had intercourse for the 2 days during this time. That was on the 27th Oct (my last period started on the 8th Oct) and I have since then been hoping for some sort of sign or at least implantation bleed.

Two days ago on the 12th Nov, my period came (well at least I think it is), it was bright red, fairly heavy with clots. Today is the 13th (one day later) and I am still bleeding with clot but it is started to dry up a bit. But I feel like going to the toilet to pee (excuse the language!) every 2 minutes and I am not kidding. I have never experienced this before....could this still be a positive sign that I might be pregnant? I know that implantation bleeds are supposed to very light but I am just hoping that every woman is different and may be mine would be heavier, like a normal period?

If anyone can help shed some light and give me some advice, I'd be very grateful!!!

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