tells me he needs a poo, but wont sit on potty or loo?

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Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:38 pm 
Post subject: tells me he needs a poo, but wont sit on potty or loo?
hi - my little boy is just over 2.5yrs. he grasped the wee side of it so quickly and we have hardly had any accidents at all. However, he has this thing about poo-ing on the pot or loo. he tells me he needs a poo, and when he poo's his pants he keeps saying "sorry Mummy". he doesn't like doing it in his pants as he says yukky and pulls them down. he also says sorry mummy. I have not got cross with him and tell him it doesn't matter but wouldn't be yukky if he id it on the pot or loo.he always asks to see the poo, which i show him. it is almost like he is scared of what his body is doing. Please any ideas, stickers, praise hasn't helped.
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