am i pregnant

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Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 9:56 pm 
Post subject: am i pregnant
hi all

im new to this site and just wanted some peoples opinions.

my lmp was 25th oct. for the past week i have been feeling like my period is coming and going to the loo but its not there. i cant stop weeing and i have been so moody and easily irritated.

what do you guys think?

love Rachel
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Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 12:41 am 
Post subject: same thing
I noticed two weeks ago on my way to work I got really sick all of a sudden. I had to puke (but did not). I didn't think anything off it about 3 days later I took a test. it came back negative. a day before my period was to start (Nov Cool I took another one negative again. Friday came around and I still did not have a period. I have not had one since Oct 13. I get mine every 4 weeks on that day. I bought another test Sunday (11th) I went to use it but only a little came out. nothing showed so I used the same one on the 12 (in the morning) but it came back negative. I know you can't use the same one twice so I got another one to make sure. I took the other one the 12 also. came back negative. but I still have no period. I am really emotional, my stomach is getting really had, I have headache, and people have been making me really mad lately. I feel like my period is going to start but nothing happens. I have discharge. I really have no clue what to do. I am going to call for a blood test tomorrow. and see when I can get in. please anyone if this has happened to you let me know what happened!!! as of right now i am a week and 2days late
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Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:16 am 
Post subject:
hiya, my periods were always regular, i went on the contreception injection and everything was fine i came off it after i got maried and they went back to normal, then one day they just went completely then after two months of not being pregnant but having all the signs and no periods, i went and had blood test once a week to see were my hormones were and an ultra sound scan to see if there was a problem and it turn out i had poly cystic ovary syndrome, it really complicated to explain exactly what it is (hope you already no), but i was told i had a very bad case of it i and would never concieve natrually, im not saying this is what is happening to you and youll have trouble concieving, as i had 9 cysts on one ovary and two that were 3 cms big which was what was causing the pain! any way i now have a 13 week old gorgeous baby girl! two years later! and all my cystics have gone!

by tell you this i dont want to worry you but it should be something you could mention to your doctor and see if they will test your hormones pcos is normally very uncomplicated and not as scary as it sounds! i just had a bad dose of it!

hope this helps

kayla xx

remember dont panic just go and see you gp!
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