getting fat fast!

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Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 4:03 pm 
Post subject: getting fat fast!
hello again people!

other than my dsp prob i posted earlier, just want to mention about my weight gain and is it normal?...

when i fell pregnant with my son i was an 8st size 6 fitness instructor then by 42weeks i had gained a total of 6st 7lbs putting me just over 14st 7lbs and a size 20! lost 3st at delivery (Evan was 9lb of that) and eventually got back to 9st size 8.

im now 20 weeks with number 2 and although not putting on weight quite as drastically as last time, ive still put on 2st 3lb already and am size 18. bit worried too as midwife felt tummy n said its all baby and scans revealed baby is heavier n longer than Evan was - he was 54cm long 9lb n head circumf 36cm so v worried about giving birth to an elephant!
but i'm 5ft8 n daddy is 6ft3 so maybe its due to lanky genetics????

has anyone else put on this much weight (or more!) or given birth to large babies?!?!
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