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Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 11:02 am 
Post subject: very worried
hi all Very Happy i am very worried as i have some bleeding yesterday...not alot and it wasnt clotted just runny i went stright to ANE and they booked me in to go to the womens hospitul. i think im around 10 weeks. its been very stressful as my parnter as been a idiot all the time iv been pregant Sad . do you think stress could ov made this happen. i dont no if the baby is ok till tmoz when i go get checked up. im goin to be a single mum now at 18 and also worried about how im going to cope. any advice would be great. Smile

thanxs xxx
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Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 7:12 pm 
Post subject:
Hi there,
Sorry to hear about your situation but the best thing you can do is concentrate on you and your baby. Stress can cause all sorts of complications but its so important for you to try and remain as relaxed as possible, alot easier said than done I know.
It is always best to get any type of bleeding checked out. I had some bleeding in my 10th week too and had a scan to show baby was doing ok.
They do say that a major concern is when the bleeding is bright red/clotted. I'm not an expert by any means and only hope that these small words are of some comfort.
Good luck with everything and make sure you get lots of rest.x
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Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 10:59 pm 
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So sorry to hear your bad news,But think possitve.Having a baby is a wonderful thing...I have a 9 year old daughter i brout her up on my own..She is a very good girl..Stress can play a big part during pregnancy,i have had a very stress full time myself...
This will take a while for you to read...
My mum was suffering Lung Cancer for 5 long years...Dec last year she got very bad & i was caring for her at home...On 27th Feb mum passed away.12 hours later her partner died of an enlarged heart..Then my dad got taken into hospital with a bad back on 13th April,they done tests only to find dad had Secondary Bone Cancer.he first source had come from his Lung,Liver,Kydney & possibly spread to his brain.He died on the 10th May...Then to top it all the day after 10 minutes before going to the funeral parlour i found out i was pregnant.....I was worried about the baby due to all the stress,but baby seems fine...
What you need to remember is you are the most important person to your baby think on the possitive side of things...You & your baby will have so much love to give each other.Your baby will out lots of smiles on your face.....

I hope this helps you in some way...
Good luck & Smile be happy...

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