Redundancy during maternity leave?

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Posted: Mon May 28, 2007 9:02 pm 
Post subject: Redundancy during maternity leave?
My maternity leave is due to finish in the middle of June. I got wind from a collegue that redundancies had been madebut was not officially told. I arranged to talk to the Chairman of the company as my request to return to work part time from my manager got rejected without consideration every time I asked. When I arranged a meeting to the Chairman to discuss part time hours he informed me that he could not give me an answer as he was not sure what would happen to the company by the end of the month so he will come back to me at the end of this month,being May? Can he make me redundant? I thought that he couldn't especially as the company that he is making people redundant from is the company that pays me but not the company that I have signed my contract with. It all seems very sus. Does anyone have any ideas out there?
Totally confused.
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Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 5:23 pm 
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as far as i am aware they still have to pay you maternity, but if not you can recieve benifits. like child/working tax credits, child benifit also if work can't pay you, you have to get them to write a letter explaining why and take it to jobseekers and you should quailfy for income support or maternity allowence from them. hope my advice comes in handy. wish you well.
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