Expecting Mom-to-Be w/Bad Back (Degenerative Disks)

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Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 8:19 pm 
Post subject: Expecting Mom-to-Be w/Bad Back (Degenerative Disks)
Firstly, I am so excited about my first ever child! I am in week 21, so I am half way there. Naturally, I am nervous about a few things. But, my main concern is my back. I know that carrying the child (in the later stages) will be difficult and I am prepared - going to yoga and an osteopath regularly. But after I have the child, I am trying to research what particular necesities will make things easier for my back. Some one had mentioned that I should get a Snap n' Go carrier, but I am not sure that this is a good thing for my back since it will put me off kilter (kind of like carrying a heavy backpack over one shoulder). However, I understand the beauty of this invention - the baby is sleeping and you don't want to wake it up to put it into a car seat or, in general, move it. You can just keep it in the Snap n' Go and move it from one location to the next with a few "snaps". Are there any other suggestions out there for me? Thanks.
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