Ibeen in hospital...

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Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:01 pm 
Post subject: Ibeen in hospital...
Hi all,
sorry i've not been on here for a while.I was taken into hospital on Sunday,baby hadn't been moving much had been getting period cramps on & off & had been feeling very strange..
So went up hospital they put me on the monitor & i started getting tightenings...i was also weeing alot more.Straight away they said i had a water infection & gave me antibiotics & kept me in...They put me back on the monitor later that night & i was still getting irregular tightnings..At this stage i was 35 weeks 4+days...Was discharged on the mon...
Mon night i had the best nights sleep in TWO months even though i had period cramps & backache...Got up Tue feeling realy bubbly in my self but still with pains...Went out for a while come home at 2pm my back & cramps were so strong...Rang the hospital had to go up soon as..While waiting to bee seen i started getting tightnings evey Five min...When on the monitor they were getting stronger...They kept me in as they were coming all the time & wasn't sure how things would go...They gave me Pethadin to try & slow the tightenings down & make me more confy...The Pethadin made them come even stronger & quicker...I was put in a labour room & the tightenings stopped at 2am...Iwas discharged yesterday after noon...They were going to try & stop the tightnings as i was 36 weeks at that time but babys head is engaged & VERY low...So they decided to just give the Pethadin....
Not much else happening baby been moving bit more & got backache...

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Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:21 pm 
Post subject:
O dear, you had a rough time then. Well i hope your ok now.

At least now when it does come to give birth you will be ready for it xxx
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