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Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:15 pm 
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Hi Everyone, before i start just like to say that these forums are great! I dont feel alone anymore! its like everyone is friends and its GREAT!!!

Ive been TTC for nearly 2 yrs now (after an ectopic pregnany which my left fallopian tube was removed)and every month i get my period... its awful! And ive been to the docs and because im only twenty they arent really that bothred! Now im a week late with 2 negative pregnancy tests one of which was 2day. Getting lots of symptoms too! so getting worried now it mite be another ectopic any help ???

Love Loren xxx
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Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 10:36 am 
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im 12 weeks luckyducky. and i have the same problem of getting confused with what stage everyone is at. im basically due on the 3rd july. so you're a week before me! ive been freakily lucky with morning sickness, apart from the odd time of feeling a bit sick after lying down. the only thing thats struck me hard is the tiredness. im sleeping by about 20:00!!
i cant wait for my bump to be permanent! westiedog1 made me laugh because the same thing happens to me! i look like a proper pregnant lady after food, but then it goes flat again!my boyfriend keeps feeling my stomach and i cant wait for when there's actually a bump there! Wink
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