Aches and pains

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Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 9:13 am 
Post subject: Aches and pains
Hi all,

I am 13 weeks pregnant and for the past few weeks I have had a sharp pain in my buttock area (highly embarrassing telling this to a dr I can tell you!). I saw the dr and he said it was sciatic pain (in the sciatic nerve) but everything I've read about this says that it should shoot down my leg, which it doesn't thank goodness. It feels like it could be a nerve, in that it is in one particular place in a kind of line. The dr just said paracetemol and to start doing some pilates. The paracetemol thing is all very well, but the pain comes and goes, so by the time I've got some tablets, it has usually gone again! Confused I also saw on a website about something called pelvic girdle pain which sounds more accurate to my symptoms and is specifically in pregnancy, so am really confused!!!

Has anyone else had anything like this, and what did they do about it? The pain is really getting to me, and I really don't want another 6 months like this.

Have a great Christmas everyone,

Love LD
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