Won't sit to wee!

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Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 11:23 am 
Post subject: Won't sit to wee!
Hi there
I just thought I would try to get some advice and see if anyone has come across a similar problem to the one I'm currently having....
I have twin girls who are approaching 2 and I've started potty training one of them (the other is not showing any signs of being ready so I'm hoping she'll pick it up from the 1st one later!) Anyway, we've been going for 5 days and she's picked up the concept really quickly - she's telling me when she needs to wee and/or poo and is happy to go to the potty and sit on it. However, when she actually physically goes, she immediately stands up and I cannot get her to sit during the process. So I have been holding the potty in front of her to catch what I can so she realises it has to go in there (and she knows this as she claps when it does!) but she just will not sit down. It is so frustrating and I have now decided that I think I'll give up for now and try again at a later date, although I'm not sure that this will make any difference until I work out why she won't sit to wee and how to overcome it.
Any advice is very welcome! I feel like I'm so near yet so far Confused
Thank you
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Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 10:36 pm 
Post subject:
hi there
try putting her on toilet instead. my girl wont sit on potty but will the toilet. think its cause she watches me and her older sister using the toilet.
good luck
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