flying pregnant

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Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 6:01 am 
Post subject: flying pregnant
I need to travel outside the country in February in which I will be 28 1/2 weeks. My husband is giving me a hard time but I have been looking for information and it seems its not a problem. Even my doctor said I should post pone but I must travel.
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Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2008 10:50 pm 
Post subject: flying pregnant

I have flown 3 times during my pregnancy the first flight i was 16 weeks and we went to Minorca ( 2 hr flight )

Then the next one i was 18 weeks going to florida and 20 coming back .( 9 hrs)

Then the more recent one was in december i was 29 weeks pregnant and we went to Gran Canaria.( 4 hrs on plane ) I know how you must be feeling as i was quite worried about this one being 29 weeks . I did need a doctors letter to say i was fit although she did me one no problem, This depends on your airlines policy , most let you fly short haul up to 34 weeks. Also i had added insurance just to be sure.
All my holidays were already booked otherwise i dont think i would have gone .
Just remember if you do decide to go drink lots of water on the plane and before and after and keep walking around the plane to keep the circulation going. I wore flight socks too.

Ive had an easy pregnancy and have been lucky and its my first.
Whatever you decide to do good luck with your pregnancy. and baby.

katie xx
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