matenity leave - please advise!

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Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 9:37 pm 
Post subject: matenity leave - please advise!
I have a rather complicated situation and am finding it hard to understand the system and am hoping someone can help me!

I am a temp - started working 24th Dec 07 on a 6 month contract which they are willing to renew (the agency do not yet know I am pregnant although my workplace do). I am due 16th September although was firstly told my due date was 23rd Sep. I actually conceived the day I started my job!

I was not working before this job as I had an injury from a plane crash in South America (Oct 07) so in terms of my NI contributions, I only have what I've earned in my current job. I did not claim any incapacity benefit from the crash because before travelling to South America I was in Australia (my partner is Australian) so from May 05-07 all my working contributions have been paid into the Australian system.

Can anyone advise what financial help I am entitled to? I am not interested in whether my job is kept open etc. just the financial side.

If there's anything I haven't made clear please let me know. Thanking you in advance!
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Posted: Mon May 19, 2008 7:52 pm 
Post subject: maternity leave - please advise
Hi there

I'm in a similar situation to you, as i was already a few weeks pregnant before i started my new job in Jan.
From what i've read, you need to have worked for 26 of the 66 weeks prior to the birth to claim Maternity Allowance which is 117.18 a week for up to 39 weeks. As you have a 6 month contract (24 weeks), you'd need them to extend it and then stay there for at least another 2 weeks (more to be safe in case baby is late!). They'd need a really good excuse not to extend your contract especially after telling you they are willing to renew it.
I don't think that your NI contributions come into it, i was out of work for 3 months before finding my new job and the job centre didn't say anything about it when i asked them about maternity allowance. is a really good site, that's where i have got most of my info from.

Hope this helps, sorry it's quite late but i'm new! I'm due 20th September, so just after you!

x x x
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