getting pregnant after sterlisation

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Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:44 pm 
Post subject: getting pregnant after sterlisation
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say Hi Very Happy , and that I find every ones comments/ storys really helpful, I had my sterlisation reversal 2 weeks and 2 days again, had open surgery but got to sat feel great been back to normal since day 9, walking 4 miles each day to take kids to school and doing housework etc. Got to say can't beleive how fast I have recovered as I was really ill for the first week.
Me and hubby having starting trying for baby No 4, but think cycle is all messed up as I was due to be ovulating on Tuesday, done stick test said I'm not, so hoping after this months period it will sort it's self out.

Lisa x

Anyway all the best of luck to everyone awaiting there operation - would love to hear any ones pregnancy success storys - seem to be obsessed with preganancy and babies at the moment. Confused

P.s My stomach still looks bloated though, has anyone else suffering after almost 3 weeks?

Thanks Quinny for letting me know about this page.. Very Happy
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Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:57 pm 
Post subject:
Hi Lisa

glad to hear that your healing well and back to normal i can agree with the fact getting on with life can aid recovery but i suppose it depends on the individual i was very lucky and got back to normal 1 week later good luck with the bd its all good fun my cycle was pretty ok had an early af first month but seems to ok now

my stomach wasnt bloated it went quickly but its just the numbness around the area of the scar but according to ladies on here thats normal can take between 6/9 months for that to come back hope the bloated feeling goes soon

well take care


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