Getting pregnant after reversal

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Posted: Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:58 pm 
Post subject: Getting pregnant after reversal
Hi All

Hope you had a good Christmas Smile

Not sure if anyone can help but I am a bit confused, my period is late as my last af was on the 27th Nov, done about 3 pg test which all say negative? Not sure if I am late because of the operation as I'm sure it has messed up my cycle? before the op my cycle could be a bit random between 29 to 33 days roughly? to be honest don't even know if i ov last month as I took drugs to prevent my af before the op. Thing is I do have cramps in my stomach on and off and keep feeling like my af will arrive, but have also noticed my boobs are swollen and had had slight nausea? may be my mind is playing tricks on me because i want to be pg so much. Confused

Sorry to waffle Laughing

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