help me please.

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Posted: Fri May 23, 2008 2:13 am 
Post subject: help me please.
hey girls. i am having a bit of a problem with ym spouse. i am 31 weeks pregnant now, and well all we have been doing it seems is fighting. like, we are good for a day and then bam.. another fight. am I just being emotional and starting all of this? every time it seems that what is being said in the fight gets worse and worse. meaner words each time. this is really breaking my heart. because I love him dearly and am really looking foreward to being a family. i just dont understand this emotiional roller coaster. im so confused. and feel at my wits end. Crying or Very sad Any ideas to help me fix what is going on? anything i can do to control my emotions more? im desperate!
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Posted: Fri May 23, 2008 1:17 pm 
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Hi Lisamarie, me and my partner had the exact same problems towards the end of my pregnancy (my little girl is 9 weeks old now). I dont know if it was my hormones, or the stress of having to decorate our whole house (unplanned pregnancy, and we had to re-do everything including new bathroom), but whatever stresses you have, they can easily get on top of you. Dont forget, you will be feeling more tired and emotional than usual, and he also has a lot going on in his head, being a dad is a scary prospect! My partner said he was on edge constantly with me, because my moods were so bad, and also he was waiting for the 'phone call' all the time! The thing is, I couldnt see how bad my moods were, i thought that my behaviour was perfectly ok!! Its only since ive had my baby, i can see what a nightmare I was!

Having said that, he wasnt perfect either, but its a big transition for both of you. Are you arguing about anything inparticular?? Or is it silly things, like the toilet seat being left up? I used to shout and scream because he'd left a cup on the coffee table, ridiculous really, but i wasnt myself.

Is he understanding about everything that you're going through? xx
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