6 month old still not sleeping through

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Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 2:07 pm 
Post subject: 6 month old still not sleeping through
hi, first time user!

My baby is 6 months and still not sleep through the night. I am breastfeeding and weaning her, she has three meals a day and plenty of it.
She goes down to sleep okay at 7pm but then wakes from 12-3am. I do go in alot but only because i have triplets in the next room, and i do not want her to disturb them otherwise they are moody when they go to nursery..

any suggestions?

Also iam trying to get her onto a beaker or a bottle so i can get off this breastfeeding. Rolling Eyes
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Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 4:13 pm 
Post subject:
Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes hmmm.
if it makes u feel any better, my son used to wake around 2a.m every night and didnt sleep through until he was about 3 1/2 years old Sad and its exhausting!!

up until he was 7 months i was still giving him that feed at 2a.m and then was advised to stop but he'd still wake up.
then i was taught the back to sleep routine. iit was 2 years ago since i did it but the idea is, when baby wakes u dont turn the lights on, u go in and whisper something like 'ssshhh bedtime' give baby her dummy or lie her back down then walk out of the room.
2nd time, walk into the room, again no lights, give baby her comforter and lie her back down and say something blunt like 'bedtime'
3rd time and every other time ater that u go in and lie baby back down, then walk straight out. do not talk.
it sounds so harsh and it hard too especially if babys crying because ur not allowed to speak or cuddle or rock them to sleep but it took my son 3 nights of this and hes slept through 12 hours every night since!!! Very Happy

if im wrong feel free to correct!!

also im not sure if its any help but i came across this http://www.permanente.net/homepage/kaiser/pdf/4963.pdf

bit of an interesting reading.

hope u wok it out soon
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