My baby girl has nightmares. Does your baby ??

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Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 12:29 am 
Post subject: My baby girl has nightmares. Does your baby ??
My 7 month old daughter Zoey, had been breastfed for 5 months, and was used to being fed on demand through the night and day. When I gradually switched from breast to bottle feeds, I continued the on demand pattern.Recently I went to my doctors, and had a talk to her, she told me I had postnatal depression and I needed to establish a routine for Zoey.She suggested I wake her up at half 8, give her breakfast (multigrain porridge or weetabix) change her nappy, play with her etc til 10am then give her a bottle of milk.Then let her sleep however long as long as her sleeps were ]never after 2. So that what i do. And it gets to the afternoon once she's had her dinner and i battle to keep her awake til half 7 sometimes i succeed, sometimes i dont cos im a single mother and i am exhausted. She'll have her last bottle at half 7 and fall asleep in her cot, but she'll only stay asleep for 2 hours, then she screams out and goes hysterical.She does this frequently through the night too.I've tried winding her but as soon as i pick her up she's awake and giggling.Iv tried reassuring her iv not left her and tried the controlled crying method many times.My mum suggested it could be nightmares and asked me to look on the net about it (hence why im here) I cant find anything about it. She will eventually go back to sleep, but she wakes me up because we have to share a room our house in only a 2 bedroomed and i live with my parents.So its a never ending circle of me being exhausted and weepy and zoey being whingy and unsettled.Ive managed to keep her awake after 2pm til bedtime but im really having trouble keeping her asleep from half 7 till half 7 or 8 because now she's wakes up at half 5.I really need your help.
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