Constipation - Help!

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Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:00 am 
Post subject: Constipation - Help!
Hi all,
My 8 week old son has been very constipated for about 5 weeks now. I've had him at the docors several times with it. The first time they just said it was normal and to give him water in between feeds then they gave me a weeks worth of supposituries then they gave me lactulose to give twice a day until hes clear. I've been giving this to him but when i think he's clear i've stopped but sure enough he's in pain again so i give him the lactulose. His stools are only hard when i don't give him it but soft otherwise. Is this normal and can he become independant on the lactulose?
Please repy, i don't know what to do!!!
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Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:13 pm 
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yes they can get use to the laculose and then finf it hard to go without it my son was prem so he suffered bad with the doctor gave the same medicen as u but the community nurse that came to visit my son said dont i use to squeeze juice out of an orange and put a little water init and worked every time it cant do know harm its only natural orange juice
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Posted: Fri May 30, 2008 11:46 am 
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Just out of interest what type of feeding are you doin?
If it's bottle what brand of formula are you using?
I started on SMA Gold and my son had awful constipation, my health visitor said that she's experienced alot of baby's having constipation with this brand and to try another, I switched to Cow and Gate and it's done wonders he's pooing normally and is alot brighter in himself as well!
hope this helps
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