chromosomal abnormalities

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Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 2:02 pm 
Post subject: chromosomal abnormalities
I would be grateful for any advice on what i am about to say.
My partner and i would like to try for a baby this year but we have to be referred for genetic councelling as he has a son with 'special needs' (from his previous marriage).
No name was ever given to his condition just stated as chromosmal abnormalities.
He also has another son from the same marriage who does not have any health issues and I have a child from a previous partner who again was born healthy.
What are the chances of us having a baby with 'special needs'? Has anybody been through this?
I appreciate only a specialist and certain tests will be able to advise us but i would really appreciate it if anybody who has been through this could offer some help / support.
Kind regards.
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Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 4:47 pm 
Post subject:
i have a daughter with a genetic illness we dont know how or when it will effect her its jst one of them things.

you really need to find out what this childs illness is as then u can have a clearly idea on the chances of it being hereditery,

with my girls it can be hereditary but can also be a mutation in the genes my son doesnt have it,
we were offered the gentic testing/counselling with this baby but disccused if we would keep the baby if it had something wrong with it and we decided it made no differencre so didnt have any testing i also havent had the 16 weeks downs tests this time as i feel it doesnt matter and them tests can say u are high risk and ur baby can e born healthy and fine and vice cersa.

personally i would ask your partners ex to find out what thier sons illness is exactly and ask thier sons speacialists the chances of it been heridatary if the other child doesnt have it and talk between u and your partner about what u would do if ur baby had something wrong with it and if ur decsions would be different.
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