Dr. recommended IVF cycle- questions

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Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2009 11:23 pm 
Post subject: Dr. recommended IVF cycle- questions
Opps- I put this under a post rather than in a new post. Sorry

Hi all,

I took ttc into my own hands and went to a specialist in November. Since then I have had an internal ultrasound, a HSG test and two weeks ago removal of cysts, polips in uterus and endemetriosis.

I just got back from his office with lots of information that is all a bit confusing. He recommended fertility injectibles and an IVF cycle.

I understand that I will need blood tests during the folicular phase of my cycle as well as ultrasounds- any idea how often? Does it matter if it is in the morning or at night? I'm thinking about work- his office is 40 minutes from my job and I begin teaching at 7:50 every morning. Not sure how I will swing blood tests and ultrasounds a couple of times a week if I have to keep taking half days- there is no being late- if I am late I have to take a half day from work.

Do the injections hurt? I read that I may take two injections a day- yikes!!!!!

The doctor put me on estrogen after the laprosocpy and my boobs were huge- I'm normall a 38 D but I couldn't wear a bra because of the bloating and tenderness of my breasts- Will the fertility drugs have the same result?

Any info will be greatly appreciated.



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Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:40 pm 
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Hi Lizzie,

If you do S/C (subcutaneous) injects, they shouldn't hurt at all. Its the I/M (intramuscular) ones that hurt.
To begin with you only do 1 injection a day, until they get your hormones right down for about 2 weeks(down-regulation hormone suppression) then you take 2 to start growing the follicles (usually in the evening - i did mine at 7pm every night) i had suprefact (to keep your levels stable) and menopur (Folli-stim).

You will need blood tests every couple of days (and scans when you are stimming) and if the clinic is a way away you may be able to arrange to get them done at your GP's (i did) at lunchtime or after school. You can also try and arrange your scans for after school too (at the clinic) - as youre a private patient they will usually acommodate you.

I did not notice my boobs getting bigger, i just felt a bit bloated near af time - and that was cos i was pg!

Good luck hun,

julie xxx

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Posted: Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:02 pm 
Post subject: IVf

Hi Lizzey

I'm in the middle of injections at the moment and I do 2 a day and Its fine dosen't hurt at all and I feel fine on them so far just feel bit bloated in my tummy after injections but thats to be expected, I only got my bloods done twice and I could do them with my own GP and my scans only 3 of them but everyone different .

If you have any problems with appointments what ever clinic you start your treatment wth should be able to work around your appointment times if you explain about work and that there always very good and helped me out alot so you can keep it private.

I hope I helped a little bit but don't be worrying about injections you will be fine dosen't hurt at all and I hate needles and for me to say that so you'll be grand be worth it in the long run.

Chat soon Noms XXX
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