ttc after m/c (info)

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Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:45 pm 
Post subject: ttc after m/c (info)
Doctors say that you have to wait for af just for dating reasons, so i have read, and have been told now by the epau, but they also told me that you are alot more fertile in these times due to the Progesterone Hormone still being high in your body for approximatley 6-8 weeks,

(which would explain the reasoning for not ttc until your 1st af, as they reckon bleeding can last between 7-10 so thats nearly 2 weeks and your af usually arrives between 4-8 weeks after, which after this time the progesterone hormone should be out of your system)

Progesterone is one of the steroid hormones.
It is secreted by the corpus luteum and by the placenta and is responsible for preparing the body for pregnancy and, if pregnancy occurs, maintaining it until birth. So due to this being in your system and at a high rate still you are more likely to become pregnant after a m/c, as your body is still producing the steroid that makes your womb think you have concieved already and needs to keep the pregnancy safe,

(which as an easier way of looking at it, it means your endometrium (or womb lining) will be thicker before your first af, due to the increase in the steriod hormone, which then the doctors will go back to the dating issues, as a problem, as they can not date your from your last af as that could have been weeks or even months ago, depending on when you m/c and how far along in the pregnancy were)

For eg:- my last af before bfp was 21/11 then got bfp 25/12, m/c 23/01 and now waiting for af to arrive, but if i got another bfp before my first af going from the date of last cycle i would be 12 weeks ish, but in actual fact i would only be roughly 2-3 weeks,

Dont know if that is any help to you all, but i found it intresting, and gave me a clear understanding of why they say to wait,

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Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:50 pm 
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Thanks for that I found it very interesting too. Although i think for different reasons as I now want to bed more if my chnaces are greater and if I was lucky enough to get a BFP they would just need to give me a dating scan........ I mean when I mmc they knew roughly when the baby died due to the size, etc etc
I personally think they say it for an easy life and so that they save money in not having to undertake early scans to identify rough dates.
Thanks again for info ............ looks like i'll be trying the pre-seed tonight Rolling Eyes x
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Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:25 pm 
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Hi Shooting stars, very interesting reading. I am trying already as I cant wait one or two months for the old AF to come on as every month lost is critical for me. At my age (46) it will be very interesting to see if this greater fertility theory is true, I really hope so!
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Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:43 am 
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This is very interesting, I have heard all these things too, but never understood why. I heard you can be more fertile right after mc, but many women don't ovulate anyway, so if you don't concieve don't be discouraged.. just keep having fun ttc. good luck every one.
p.s. its weird I have almost the exact same dates as you shooting stars.... weird... I also feel preggo again, but scared tofind out for sure, it may just be my mind playing tricks on me Sad we'll see...
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