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Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:18 am 
Post subject: HELP ME PLEASE!
Please, any advice greatly recieved!

I have a beautiful 18 wk old little boy who is in a great bedtime routine and has been since about 3 wks of age of from 6pm, Bath, botlle, lullaby cd and bed by 6.45pm. He sleeps soundly til 11 when we wake him, give him a 7oz bottle which he drians then goes straight back to sleep no prob.

The trouble is, he is waking at 4am. If I give him a small bottle 3oz, he wont take his 7am bottle, Ive tried water, he just cries, all he wants is cuddles and to fall asleep on me. I have tried controlled crying the last 3 nights with him screaming for up to an hour and me just giving in and cuddling him to sleep which i know i shouldnt do. How long is it ok to leave them to cry for? I feel so bad. I got quite upset last night.

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Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:50 am 
Post subject:
Hi Janet, you poor thing, its heart breaking a. Ok now this comes from a babe health nurse but I thought it may comfort you too. Up until around 6mnths babys dont know how to minipulate so babe actually does want you and your comfort so dont feel bad about doing it. The suggestion was that you stay in their room to do this and dont take them into the lounge or your bedroom. If you can put a comfy chair in their room that you can sit and relax with them in, when they sleepy but NOT alseep totally, put them back in the cot.

Now this bit from me, have you thought about extending his evenings till around 715-730ish and cutting the 11pm bottle? I was waking Hunter for feeds at 11pm when he was around 10wk till one night I feel asleep, he slept through from 7pm till 600am. I had been waking him for no reason, he didnt need the feed! LOL. Very Happy Just a thought though, when I stopped waking him at 11pm he stopped waking at 5am, weird a.
Good luck!!! Very Happy
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