My 12 month old is nightmare at bedtime now!

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Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:59 pm 
Post subject: My 12 month old is nightmare at bedtime now!
Please help. My little man has just turned one and for the past week has got himself hysterical on being put in his cot at bedtime, I just dont understnad it as right up until now I was the envy of my friends with babies as I bathed him gave him a bottle then kissed him goodnight, placed him in his cot and walked out. He would talk for a few minutes and fall asleep himself.


I am totally at a loss but a friend suggested controlled crying so after 40minutes of crying and throwing up once he went to sleep but this only happened when I went in and reasurred him and spent abot 8minutes "shh shh" him. (Although I was told to only do this for 2 minutes- I knew that he was nearly over so thought it was worth spending few more minutes with him) Will this effect the process?

I just feel terrible as he is so well behaved through the day that I feel like I am punishing him. But when he first started getting so upset I did try bringing him into bed with me and then slipping him into his cot when he eventually fell asleep. This was foolish as he then woke few times through the night crying his wee heart out.

I am just looking some advice, my wee man is so stubborn that I feel if I had not spent extra time reassuring him-he would still be screaming.

I would appreciate any advice etc.
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Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:25 am 
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hi Joe

its about this age that children can develop fears. Its possible his afraid of the dark, or of something else in his room when you leave. Try sitting quietly in his room as if you were him at night time, and look at what you can change - a nightlight, something with a steady noise (loud clock maybe) might be worth adding. Make sure there aren't any dark 'pools' that he could be worrying about (patches behind chests etc).

If you read a story or sing songs at bed time, try to make sure they are happy ending ones Very Happy

last tip - no TV or other screens in the 2 hours before bed. The extr stimulous can make it harder for theor brains to switch off, and again at this age they are showing more interest in TV.

Hope you find something that works!!

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