2nd missed miscarriage and d + c - so hard.

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Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:56 am 
Post subject: 2nd missed miscarriage and d + c - so hard.
Hey girls,
I just wanted to say hey and that hope we can all help each other through - i just found out last thurday that i've had another missed miscarriage - it was my 2nd miscarriage, had one last year too. This time I was 10.5 days but the baby was 9 weeks - had d + c again on Friday - is so hard to come to terms with, because I just didn't want to believe it could happen to me again - it just makes me so frightened it's gonna keep happening to me and that it's gonna take ages for me to fall pg each time! I'm trying to stay positive and carry on as normal as possible and look to the future.
My advice following on from my 1st mc is the quicker you can try to get back to normal the quicker you will heal and the quicker you will get your bfp - i stressed so much last time my cycles went all over the place last time and didn't get me anywhere. I know that this will only make us stronger and appreciate our babies more when we are blessed with them. I'm here for any of you that need to talk and I hope we can all help each other through. It's a real comfort to know i'm not alone as it's a very lonely time - but we will all be ok and hopefully can all share good news again very soon. Lots of hugs and luck to you all.
I've heard your most fertile after m.c so when i feel i'm healed i'm gonna get back to it! xxx
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Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:26 pm 
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im so sorry about your loss hun,i know how hard it is.I had my 3rd m/c in jan and was more of a shock as we found out it was twins.I have decided to wait for a while as im having some test dome next week,but im so scared that it will keep happening to me.I hope in a way that they will be able to give me a reason as to why i keep m/c.
i hope you get your bfp soon hunny im here if you want to talk like many others.Everyone is fantastic on here and i think its what us ladies need at times,to just be able to have a rant about how we feel and noone will judge you.
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Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:16 pm 
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OMG your story is exactly the same as mine!
Found out last tuesday at our 12wk scan that baby had died sometime between 8-10wks, this was also my 2nd missed mc, previous one being sept last year. I also believe i had another very early mc in november but i didnt really know about that until after it had happend
Anyway i had a erpac on friday, i didnt want to wait for weeks on end waiting for bump to come away and also with the 1st mc i almost haemorraghed and ended up being rushed to a&e.

Im still completely numb to whats happened, could never believe it would happen again and still dont believe it really. I guess cause ive had no bleeding from the erpac it doesnt seem real. Still in a bit of discomfort from friday with cramps and backache Sad
I want to try again but i really dont think i have the emotional strength to try straight away. The 1st 12wks are such a stress and worry anyway let alone if we get pregnant again plus i think my body needs to recover from being pregnant 3 times within such a short space! We are going to see specialists next tuesday to talk about testing us to see if there is an underlying cause - ie chromosomes or something.
Hopefully by the time my next af comes i'll feel stronger and maybe ready to try again, just a waiting game now.

Im sorry for your loss, i dont think its easier 2nd or 3rd time round but having survived the 1st mc im sure i'll find the strength to survive this one eventually, im not sure where from though yet!

Take care and if you want to talk pls message me xx
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Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:59 pm 
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I cant belive that you have both been dealt such terrible blows twice and I really do feel for you and can understand why emotionally you are not ready to try again.
Take care both xx
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