Moving home - new place, new routines??!!

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Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 1:58 pm 
Post subject: Moving home - new place, new routines??!!
I'm desperate for some advice. I have recently had to move back to my parents house with my husband and daughter as we have sold our home and we are moving to Chile. My daughter, Sayen, who is almost 10 months old is having problems going to sleep.
When we lived in our own home i used the controlled crying method to teach her to go to sleep on her own. This worked great and she was fine until we moved. At first she would go to sleep on her own no problems. But now my mum or I have to rock her to sleep. I am so worried that this is going to affect her sleep patterns forever! Or am I worrying about nothing. Should I not worry until I am in my own home and all of her things are around her, then do the controlled crying again? Or should I be doing it now? I don't think we will be in our own home for at least the next couple of months. We will leave the UK in August then live with my in laws in Chile for a month or so, I'm so worried at the moment and this could be making her feel unsettled.
I would really like to speak to someone as I feel like i'm going crazy with stress and worry, plus am i making her feel the same??!! Rolling Eyes
Thanks for reading
Aimee and Sayen Very Happy
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