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Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 10:13 pm 
Post subject: movement-1st pregnancy
Hi This is my first pregnancy. Felt fluttering at about 12 weeks. I am 5 months now and most days feel a lot of movement, other days less movement How much movement is normal at this stage. I really worry when I dont feel as much on some days as other days.
Also what can encourage movemen??
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Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2007 5:48 pm 
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I was even earlier - I first felt movements at 8 weeks and my midwife tried to tell me that they were just feelings from my bowel! But the flutterings have been the same ever since and are now more frequent and I am 18 weeks pregnant. I find that the movements are more common when I am eating something cold like icecream etc or if I have been moving around a lot and then rest for a bit. My baby loves it when I am on the gymball too!

At my last midwife visit she said that the movements aren't felt everyday and rarely at the same time each day, they become more frequent as you get into your third trimester, which was reassuring as sometimes a day went past when I didn't feel anything at all.

Hope this helps, aren't the movements amazing? Very Happy

Love Kate x
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