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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:28 am 
Post subject: post-pregnancy body
hello ladies. it's been five months since i had my beautiful baby boy benjamin. during my pregnancy, i let myself go and gained around 45 pounds (which some have told me is normal butto me seems like a lot). so after i had my son, my first month i lost 25 pounds and was at a comfortable 140 pounds (comfortable because i hd lost 25 pounds so quickly, but still aiming to lose another 20). several months passed and i neither gained nor lost anymore weight, i was stuck at 140. now however, i seem to be rapidly gaining weight, not on the scale but in various places on my body. i now have uncontrollable love handles, tons of extra weight between my thighs, and just below my butt, and my arms seem to be ever-growing as well. what's wrong with me that i suddenly seem to be growing extra body parts, (silly i know but that's what it feels like). is anyone else having these problems? what are you doing about it? any suggestions?

p.s. my nipples also grew to about twice the size hey always were, and i'm wondering if they are goingto shrink back down? please help if you have any advice. thank you!
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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 12:00 pm 
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hi there
i would suggest low impact exercise (swimming/ walking) 30 minutes 3 x per week to begin need to be excersisng at an intensity so that you are working hard but still able to talk. also have a look at your diet, foods that didnt make you carry excess weight before could affect you now as having babies has a massive effect on metabolism ect. there are loads of other toning and body conditioning excersises you can do. maybe even join a body combat or body pump class at a gym, these are great all over body workouts under the eye of a qualified instructor
if you have any spare cash you could hire a personal trainer who can analyse your food and mood diary and sort out a tailored exercise programme for you. make sure they have all the correct qualifications though.
if i can be any more help give me a shout.
Dawn, x (personal trainer) register of exercise proffesionals.
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Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 12:58 pm 
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daily brisk walks, 45 mins everyday try it fir a month and see what happens. all the best
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Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 7:06 pm 
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hi hun loosing baby weight is hard work i should kno i put on just over 3st during my last pregnancy and when he was born i lost 2st of it but just couldnt shift the rest u have to work hard and eat well i bought me a treadmill and did 30 mins brisk walking a day and i watched my calories women should have 2000 cals a day but these have to be the right calories otherwise u dont burn it off it will just store as fat. also eating small healthy meals reguarlay gets the motabolisim working at its best never eat after 8pm if u go to bed with a full stomach your body finds it hard to digest and it will just store as fat.

dieting is bad for u, eating healthier is the best way as dieting never lasts and soon as u go back to eating the old way u will store fat.

get a treadmill or bike thast way u can exercise and still be at home with baba.

goodluck hun another way to loose the pounds it to maybe join slimming world or weightwatchers sometimes having people around u going thew the same encourages and u feel part of a team Very Happy

goodluck chick xxxsarah xxx
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