Need helo with crying down for 8 week old

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Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 12:37 pm 
Post subject: Need helo with crying down for 8 week old
Hello All

We are having problems with putting down our daughter (M) who is now nearly 8 weeks, although she was 3 weeks premature (but still 6lb 10oz). I am Dad by the way, and this is our second child first is 26 months.

M will not really be put down day or night without crying. If you put her in her rocker and talk to her, she will last afew minutes before starting. AT night, she has to sleep on either myself or my Partner. If we put her in her basket awake she screams the place down and asleep she can go sometime half and hour before waking up, finding where she is and starting. It is really starting to get us down. My other half suffered from PND after out first and I see the signs now of the same she says she cannot even get showered in the morning and hence I often come home and still find her in her pjamas and unable to have gotten out. I do what I can but I have to go to work end of.

My feeling is that if we can sort out the sleeping then the day issue will follow, but please let me know if the more experienced think this is not the case and the two things have to be approached in different ways.

I tried a crying down routine a couple of weeks ago and it was a disaster after 3 hours of her crying I gave in and took her back down stairs. By that time she was hungry again (she is being breast fed).

I want to try again some sort of crying down and am interested in advice on how best to approach this. M is breast fed as I have said, but we have talked about giving her a bottle when she goes to bed around 19:00 (after her bath). This will not be an end to breast feeding - just a bottle at bed time so we know how much she has had (at the moment she is feeding at night about every 2 hours).

Many thanks for any advice
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Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:11 pm 
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one suggestion is to rock her to sleep on one of you, then when u put her in her basket, use a t shirt or something close that your wife has worn recently as the sheet underneath her. She might then smell your wife when she stirs and drop back off to sleep - the other thing that may be doing it is the heartbeat. You can get CD's of heartbeat sounds to play for her, or if you don't want to go that far a loud ticking clock often works.
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