haemorrhoids in pregnancy

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Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:37 am 
Post subject: haemorrhoids in pregnancy
This is my 2nd pregnancy and I am 13 weeks gone. I pretty much sailed through my 1st pregnancy and was only botherd by low blood pressure.

This time however I seem to have skipped the morning sickness completly and developed extreame constipation and possibly haemorrhoids or piles! I have been searching the internet but have been unable to find any information on haemorrhoids in pregnancy so was wondering if anyone has been suffering the same and if they can offer any advice? I noticed quite a lot of blood and clots that had come from my back passage yesterday and am quite worried. I am having difficulty getting into see my doctor they haven't even scanned me or made an appointment for me to see the midwife yet!

Any help would be much appreciated xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:36 pm 
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Hey I would phone the doc today and demand an emergency appt just so they can at least give you some fibogel or something similar to ease your discomfort. I had some nasty constipation around 13 weeks and found that eating lots of fruit throughout the day has helped loads and keeps everything a bit calmer down there! If you've got blood and clots from an bottom (when i wrote the real word it got censored?!) fissure that must be really painful and best to get some advice from your GP.
Hope you're feeling better soon
Claire xxx
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