Ovulations Dates Going Crazy

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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:52 pm 
Post subject: Ovulations Dates Going Crazy
Hello There

I have been using ovulation kits for 3 months as since I came off my pill in june my periods have been between 5-6 weeks apart
I tested posotive for ovulation on Sunday 10th Feb, My first day of last period was 2 thurs 24th Jan 08, when I went on the pregnancy calculator it said I would be on day 21 today,
I was wondering if this was still correct even though I only ovulated Sunday, I had intercourse 10th 11th 12th feb just to make sure so I was confused that if I was pregnant would I still be on my 21st day.
I dont know if its wishful thinking but I have real sore boobs and like a cramping sensation in my lower abdomen, not a pain but I know its there.
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