Weight gain is slow

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Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:20 am 
Post subject: Weight gain is slow
i have a 5 week old baby boy, his birth weight was 3.00 kgs on 16th may 08.
in the past 1 month he was down with a wrine infection and then a staph infection which required surgery to remove a patch of skin from his back, he has a surgery wound hence.
During the past 2 weeks we have got him home, he feeds every 2 hrs for an avg of 40-50 mins for each feed via breastfeed no other supplements are given
We also started giving him 15-20 ml of expressed milk.
at end of week one his weight was 2.74 kgs
at end of week 2 his wieght was 2.84 kgs, which means he has gained only 100 gms in 8 days. the doctors say that on an avg weight should gain at 20 gms per day .

They also tried to console me by telling that the wound and healing process are taking away the calories received via milk.

Can someone help and tell me how do i help my kid to puton weight.
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Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:40 am 
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hi Sujit

sorry, I don't really understand kilos!! The fact that he actually IS putting on weight at all is a brilliant thing, and the best thing you can do is breast feeding as babies tend to put on weight better in the first 4 months if only breastfed.

Keep monitoring his weight closely, and allow him to feed as much as he likes, and I'm sure he'll pick up soon. Poor little mite is still recovering from his infections and surgery bless him - he's bound to be a bit knocked for six.
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Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 10:39 am 
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Nice to see you back sujit Very Happy Im sorry things still up and down for you. Like Devon said any weight gain is good at this stage, he has been through alot and may take another few weeks to be on the mend. Allow him to feed as much as he likes, even the closness to mum is going to be helping his recovery Very Happy . If you are concerned please see your doc again. Wishing you guys all the best xxxxxxxxxx
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