hi every1

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Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:39 am 
Post subject: hi every1
I am already mum to 3 lovely, lively lads- Alex 10, Daniel 7 & Ryan 4 and I am thrilled to be expecting baby number 4 on 1st Oct. I have Factor V Leiden (which means I am high risk of thrombosis), so have to inject Clexane daily untill baby is 6 weeks old. Hubbie & I have had a very stressful week I had my results from triple test on Tue which showed 1:148 chance of abnormalities so I had an amnio on Thu. Results from 1st test on chromosomes came in yesterday and thankfully showed no problems, but we have an anxious 2 week wait for the full karyotype results. Have been told by consultant and mw to take it easy over next couple of days, so no doubt will be spending loads of time on this site trying not to worry.
x keepin everythin crossed
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Posted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:59 am 
Post subject: I'm Pregnant again!!
hi my name is maria and i hav just found out tht i am 6 weeks pregnant wiv my second baby. i already hav a son who is 3 in december. my due date is 19th december the day after my sons birthday (scary). But i am happy about it. Very Happy
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Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:46 am 
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Welcome girls, em I had 1:27 but refused amnio, went for an earlier scan, picked up one possible soft marker but that is also common in alot of babies and usualy disappears of its own accord, so I'm not stressing, and you should relax too xxx

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