GM mothers! I have advice that might help.. I love it!

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Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 10:49 am 
Post subject: GM mothers! I have advice that might help.. I love it!
Good morning ladies! How are you all feeling this morning? I'm doing alright, so far! Just wanted to let some of you know a few things that I found very nice and helpfull. For one, I'm sure you've all heard of that book called " What To Expect When You're Expecting" well.. if you dont alraedy have it, I strongly suggest you get it! It's a wonderful book, everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth, all different questions, and what to do after the baby is born. I'd have to say it's the best pregnancy book I've seen/read. Another thing. i went to the bookstore this weekend, and found something you all m ight really like.I know I love it! its a pregnancy journal. Not just an ordinary journal though. It has questions and answers, tips, and all different sections that you fill out. Example, about you the mother!, the father, the family, what you and the father are feeling.. Everything! And it's a whole week by week thing you get to fill out.. it also has checklists for you to check off, aka things for the nursery, what you need for the baby, clothes diapers binkies ext.. It's a very nice and ellegant looking journal, very beautiful all of you should really check it out, and if you like what you see get it. I know I did! It's called " My pregnancy Journal" and it's by Kyland Peters & Small... also, it'd be a great gift if you knw anyone else pregnant too, so grab two of them! I really love it, I've been writing in it everyday.. and then I've been thinking.. after the baby is born, and all grown up ( at least old enough to know ) then i'll give it to him/her and th ey can see everything their father and i had to say. Even Jason's been looking at it and writing in it as well! Wellllll anyways good morning, hope you all have lovely days, not too much morning sickness. I really do love these 2 books you should check them out!! Just wanted to help! Smile
~ Dawn Marie ~ Smile
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