Negative HCG blood test 10 days after conception-too early?

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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 7:11 pm 
Post subject: Negative HCG blood test 10 days after conception-too early?
I am, like so many other women on this forum, desperately obsessed with whether I am pregnant or not. Using clear blue, I ovulated on day 13 and ever since have been feeling less hungry, have nausea in waves, breasts ache, have a mild headache continuously, have had pmt since 7 days after conception, have had cramps in the lower abdomen and have a funny taste at times in my mouth. SO... I had a blood test for HCG at a private clinic 10 days after conception and it came back negative this morning. I am due my period in 4 days, am regular at 28 days.
I feel so sad but worse than that, I can't accept it and still feel believe I could be.
Is testing10 days after conception by blood test too early? Everything I read says 7-12 days. I also read that some places only test for quite high levels of 25mg and above, and so it wouldn't detect it anyway.
I can't speak to my husband and our relationship is suffering and haven't spoken to anyone about it - feel so alone and useless.
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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 2:51 pm 
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Hey loosely - I am sorry for your predicament - and I am afraid I am no expert on this. I do know how obsessive it gets cos I too am using Ovulation kits, ovulation calculators, testing every week it feels like. I can talk to my husband but dont think he would understand about my obsession - he just seems to think I am frisky all the time. I think men are a lot more relaxed about these things so it can feel lonely. I am pretty sure many people on here would be happy to receive a Private message if you want to pour your heart out - or do it on the forum - it does help to say your piece. Just dont forget - you are not on your own.

I hope all these symptoms are what we think they are - and I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Please dont feel useless.

Remember and talk to someone if you need to - I am often on email so will keep an eye out for you.

Jo x
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