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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 10:13 pm 
Post subject: Confused!?
Hi Ladies,

I had the mirena coil out on Friday 15th Feb. We did the bd over the weekend although I am pretty sure it was too soon. Im just confused as Monday I had a 'show'. It was quite red and I assumed somehow my period had appeared. Tuesday it had disapperead and Wed there was just a bit of dark stuff. I havent really had anything since then. Im just really confused as I didnt think my period would return so quickly after having the coil for so long with no period....surely the lining doesnt grow that quick?!? My problem is, I dont know when to take my first day from, if at all or as to when my ovulation days would be?!?!? I darent even consider it, but theres not really any chance I could be pg already is there?! I think thats just serious wishful thinking!!!

Love and babydust to all
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