Need urgent help with my 3-month-oldís lack of food intake

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Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 5:36 am 
Post subject: Need urgent help with my 3-month-oldís lack of food intake
My 3 month old has being a VERY difficult eater since he was 1 month old (formula bottle fed). First, EVERY TIME I try to feed him with a bottle, he screams and arches his body and closes his mouth tight. Heíll do this at the very touch of the nipple to his mouth. We first thought he was allergic to lactose and changed his formula to lactose-free and that didnít work; also, itís not gas since we burp him in between and after every feeding. The time I get any food down is when I persist and vehemently struggle with him until he takes ONLY 1 to 2 ounces every 5 to 6 hours for a total of 19 oz/24 hrs. His weight is 13.5 but itís because again I fight until he gets something down; I do this every few hours, day and night. One would think heíll be hungry after starving for hours but he literally seems not interested. In fact, weíve gone through several different formulas, bottles, and nipples without any success. In addition, weíve gone to the pediatrician numerous times and he doesnít have an answer for my sonís condition. He even referred us to an occupational therapist who said that his mouth seems to function properly. A couple of weeks ago his doctor spoke to a pediatric gastroenterologist and his advice was to withhold any testing and instead put him on previcid for reflux We started the medication a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to work at first but for the last 3 days he is back to the same old pattern. It seems to coincide with his first series of vaccines, but he was over the worst symptoms after the first day.

My son seems pale and his eyes are tired all the time. Iím desperateÖmy stress level is so great that I donít know what to do anymore. It breaks my heart seeing him suffering and knowing he would not get any nutrition as a normal baby would without my exhausting efforts. Iím close to my breaking point; Iím getting weaker and seriously donít know what to do. Sorry for the length of my story, but ANY feedback is highly appreciated.
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Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:03 am 
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hi, im sorry to hear about the trouble ur havin,
i no its a long shot but do u think he mite b teethin, because my daughter does the same sometimes, shes 16 weeks old now, ands shes been teethin for about 3 months, there gums are very sore wen they are teethin and they might go off there food abit, try rubbing some teethin gel on him gums or give him some calpol jus to see if it makes a difference,
sorry i cant b of any more help, x
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Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:02 pm 
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you say your son is pale and tired thats a sign of low levels of iron try havin a word with your health visitor or your gp
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