Medication and Pregnancy.

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Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:27 pm 
Post subject: Medication and Pregnancy.
I've been a Psychotic Depressive for several years now, and take various medications to help me. I take an anti-depressant, a mood stabiliser, an anti-psychotic drug and an anti-parkinson's drug to combat any side effects from these medications.

Without them, I am a complete mess and a danger to myself and others. Yet my doctor and my friend who is a CPN told me that if I want to have a baby without any physical defects I will have to stop taking ALL my medication for the duration of the pregnancy.

I am very scared that I would be sectioned if I came off all my meds for even a short amount of time and also have the baby taken away from me, which my doctor and my friend have said is highly likely due to my mental health situation.

My boyfriend wants us to have a baby at some point in the future, but I will have to be on these medications for the rest of my life. What can I do?
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Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:01 pm 
Post subject: Meds when pregnant
Hi there. You need to talk to your GP about taking meds when pregnant. There is medication that is generally considered by GPs to be safe to take even when pregnant, but when in doubt it is best to talk it over with your GP as they know about your condition and what may be best for you - it is what they are there for. Good luck hon! Smile
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