My mum is driving me mad

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Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:47 pm 
Post subject: My mum is driving me mad
I am 35 weeks pregnant and my mum and dad have just been down for the weekend. My mum took over completely and just presumes she knows exactly what I want as regards every aspect of pregnancy and the birth. This is my first baby so I am willing to listen to all advice but as far as my mum is concerned she is the only person worth listening to.

Before I got pregnant she had become a maternity reflexologist and is training to become a doula. I should be grateful for all the help and advice but I feel like a teenager who now just wants to do anything but what she recommends.

We had a huge arguement after she had gone home as I found out she had been complaining about my husband to my sister. He has been brilliant - I have really bad SPD and he has been looking after me wonderfully. He is keen that it is just us at the birth but Mum feels she should be there too. After telling her that I wasn't too keen on that she is blaming poor hubby for this decision. She keeps comparing him to my Dad but they are different people. I want her to be involved but I think she will push my husband out the way and take over. She is supposed to be staying with us around the time the baby is due but I think WW3 may start between her and hubby. At the moment we are not talking and my husband has said she is not welcome in the house until she apologises to him. I don't feel emotionally stable enough to deal with this at the moment.
Help, what is the best way to keep everyone happy???
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Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 6:35 pm 
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Just wanted 2 let you know i feel 4 you, must be difficult... Try 2 remember she probably only wants the best 4 u n is just going the wrong way about it x
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