baby milk??

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Posted: Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:40 pm 
Post subject: baby milk??
My Daughter is 4 months old now. When she was born I was told she would have to be fed Cow & Gate Nutriprem 2 as her birthweight was low (4lbs 15oz). At 3 months my GP told me that she could now be fed the ordinary Cow & Gate 1 as her weight was fine. Although, I fed my son SMA and thought it was great, I went along with my GP's advice as my Daughter was also on Infant Gavison at the time and I didn't want to give her a completely different formula incase it upset her. A week after starting this, her stools became very runny(2 a day) and she was breakin wind more frequently - smelling really foul!! I have mentioned this to my Health Visitor and GP, but because she is gaining weight and feeding well they say I have nothing to worry about. My Health Visitor contacted a dietician who also ruled out any allergies etc. saying the 2 formulas have the same make up apart from calories. I know something is wrong but feel as if no-one is helping me. If I change which one do I choose??My Health Visitor seems unsure herself and really hasn't been of any use at all. My Daughter also started teething around the same time as the milk change but I shouldn't have thought the runny nappies would be consistant with this for as long as it has continued. Can anyone help??
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