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Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:45 am 
Post subject: Help please

I have a baby girl who is 8 months now and she's got a cold. I took her to the docs earlier in the week and he checked her over and said he didn't think she had a cold and thought it may be hayfever or soemthing.

As the week has progressed she has got snottier and snottier, She's not sleeping well at night (which means I'm not either) and she cries alot as she's overtired, snotty and everything I try to make her feel more comfortable is not working.

Have tried steaming up the bathroom and sitting in there wit her for awhile, using the pump thing on her nose, nose drops from docs, baby vapour rub from shops, holding her, distracting her, singing to her, rubbing her head while she's trying to sleep, letting her cry, crying myself (

I think she may be teething also.

I am a single mum and am really struggling to cope now after 4 days of bad sleep and long screaming baby days ... can anyone please give me any tips, advice, support .. anything to help me get through this as I'm starting to lose patience with her and that's not fair (and I'm ashamed of that too)

Please help
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Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:11 am 
Post subject:
sorry you didnt get any replies in here, maybe would get more response in your baby section or something!?

I dont really know what could help, but I think that putting the end of the cot up higher at their head is supposed to help when they have a cold for some reason it helps them to breathe.

Hope she is better now though!
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