2 yr old transition to sleep

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Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 1:15 pm 
Post subject: 2 yr old transition to sleep
My third child is now 2 yrs old. I have recently eliminated his bedtime bottle. The problem is that getting him to sleep now has become an incredibly stressfull routine. I put him down at the same time every night, but he is the one controlling the routine. After I put him down he asks me to pat him, which I do for several minutes. Later I tell him I will pat him three times and then I will leave, which I do. But he immediately starts screaming, either calling me or crying histerically, asking him to pat him some more. I go in again and tell him I will pat heim three times again, then I tell him if he calls me or cries I will spank him. This happens several times until I finally have to spank him, and it is only then that he will stay quiet and go to sleep.
I KNOW this is negative reinforcement, and fell like dying every time I have to spank him, but am at at a los as to how to change this routine. I feel that I cannot affrd to let him cry forever beacuse of the other two kids who will not be able to sleep beecause of Tomas' screaming.
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Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 8:19 pm 
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Have you tried telling him that if he goes to sleep nice and quietly then he will have 'x' the next day. something he likes doing etc. Then after a while wean him down to a star chart or something to show him how well he is doing.
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