newborn, please help!

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Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:45 am 
Post subject: newborn, please help!
hi there,

i had my little boy at 39 weeks, on 16th june, he is now three weeks and one day.

Had major issues breastfeeding, all the midwives and advisors said i was doing it right, yet i knew elliott wasn't getting enough milk, so i started expressing, he is now more settled, before he would breastfeed for hours and never be satisfied and cry a lot and my milk supply was reducing. I have been putting him to breast still but we just can't get it right, so he is now having breast milk via a bottle.

He sleeps in the afternoons and evenings, but in the mornings he is really difficult to settle. He has a dummy as he is a very sucky baby, and if he loses it he cries (understandable).

I talk to him, cuddle him, sing to him, have the tv on for noise, he has a bouncer but doesn;t stay in it for long...he is a bit small to be comfy in it. So what else can i do to occupy him, we go out everyday, but obviously it takes me hours to get ready as I cant do much while he is unsettled!!

I am just not sure what to do!! I suppose i expect him to feed then sleep then feed then sleep...he is a little grouchy whenhe is awake, so if he;s awake i assume he is unhappy!! nappies are changed, he is winded etc, he does have issues with wind and possetting, but he can be settled in your arms or lying next to you, appear to be completely asleep, in a deep sleep then when you put in down in his crib/basket he immediately wakes and do they do that!!!

Anyway, thats my newborn questions...ik read all the pregnancy books all the way through, but didn;t think to read the "what happens when you have the baby" books!!!

next stop, getting him to sleep longer at night!!

lots of love kirstie
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Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2008 9:15 am 
Post subject:
Hi Kirstie

first of all congratulations!! sounds like a normal newborn to me Very Happy It also sounds like you are doing the right things by him. Have you considered combo-feeding with formula sometimes? I know from experience that once you add expressing into your routine it really does eat away your time, and babies can get very fed up and grouchy waiting for Mum to finish expressing!.

I honestly don't think you are doing anything wrong, and I'm sure he will settle of his own accord fairly soon. The only small suggestion I have is to start introducing a slightly more set routine. I think one of the reasons Isaac settled well so early was the rigidity of my routine - not deliberate, Isaac was born cleft palate so was unable to breast feed, so I was expressing 7 times a day and giving him the milk via specially adapted bottles - and he fed every 2 hours when awake, so I basically had to run it like a military operation in order to allow myself time to eat and shower lol! He was laos never allowed to 'snack' on milk, as it broke my heart to throw away ounce after ounce of my hard-won breast milk!!

If you watch your baby carefully you can often suss out when is his 'good' time of day (Isaac's is always first thing in the morning). During that time, do something set - I added a 30 minute walk into the routine, which he loved (and still does) and also started stretching his time between feeds. Once he got used to the idea, I could put him in his pram, and he would be instantly happy, knowing we were going out - which gave me time to get myself ready etc etc much more speedily. The first few times are very hard work - may be worth enlisting a friend or relative to help to start you off? But its really worth it. Babies love routines, although I think you have to stay a bit flexible too, cos we all ave off days!

Hope that helps

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Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:40 pm 
Post subject:

Sometihng I've been reading about recently is over-stimulation of babies. That soemtimes cuddles, Tv noise, bouncer etc can get too much for them and they want abreak. Think there was a magazine article about it recently (practical parenting possibly) that sometimes baby just needs to lie in a quiet place, near you maybe but without direct stimulation visually for 20 mins or so as they can get over stimulated?

Just an idea - not something I've ever thought about myself but the article seemed ot make sense!

Having said all that - he seems to have failrly normal baby behaviour anyway . . . if you are finding it hard to get ready when he is unsettled - can you get things ready in the afternoon or evening for the next day when he is more settled.
I have a friend who had 2 changning bags on the go for this very reason . . there was the one she was using that day andthe one that was ready for tomorrow!! Worked for her!

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Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:44 pm 
Post subject:
am still waiting on my first to make an appearance

but am hoping to breastfeed too

can you not express with a pump from one breast while bubba
feeds from the other?

i have bought a breast pump and thought about doing this so
daddy can give her natural milk from a bottle and let me rest

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