new member trying for a baby

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Posted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 11:23 am 
Post subject: new member trying for a baby

I am new to this..

We have been trying for a few months now but I have never had regular periods and had endometriosis 3 years ago which I had an operation for.

I came off the pill in July and my periods have became more regular the last few months I was a lot later this month with fingers crossed but monthly have come today unless I am working out the dates wrong.

Any advise please should I get some ovation kits...

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Posted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 7:14 pm 
Post subject: Hi
Hi Daisy77

I brought the clearblue digital ovulation kit in January -(bit expensive) I used it everyday around my most fertile week and never got a LH surge atall. The result window was easy to read - an empty circle for no surge and a smily face for a surge. I never once got a smily face so what I did was log onto and worked out my most fertile week and when I would ovulate.

So what me and my partner did was have sex everyday for 5 days just before/during and after ovulation.......I didn't jump up after sex and now I am 7 weeks pregnant I feel extremly lucky because I thought it would take a while.

I would say to have sex every day for during the fertile week (although some people say have sex every other day so it gives the sperm a chance to reform and strengthen...if that makes sense. All the very best of luck Smile
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Posted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 11:14 pm 
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hiya hun were trying for baby number 2 my first child is now 11 long time between i know lol any way i came off the implant in sept have had this for 11 yrs ive had regular cycles since coming off it and havent gotten pregnant yet, ive had all the blood tests to see if im ovulating and am ok with everythin else it came bk good, so my doc has told us to get my partners sperm tested to see if that is ok, our doc is very helpfull, i let my partner decide if he wanted to do this which im soo grteful he did. just waiting on results , i use the free ov calenders which i find helpful i just get a bit saddened when my cycle appears but were not giving up if it happens it happens and were having fun trryin Smile good luck to you and sendin lots of baby dust xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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