Worried about teeth, possible fluorosis...

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Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:52 pm 
Post subject: Worried about teeth, possible fluorosis...
Hi I have not posted in these forums before.
My name is Tom. I have 2 girls Jemma (2 years 7 months) & Ava (8 months).
Both girls are fine and healthy.

My youngest daughter has just started teething and I have noticed some white spots on her teeth. On checking possible causes I stumbled across fluorosis as a likely condition for her.

We have looked after her in just the same way as my other daughter who's teeth are fine. The major difference I can find is one used cows milk formula and one soya formula as she had a lot of problems with her belly and throwing up when she was young. We tried normal formula but she got rashes and aches so we though she was lactose intolerant.

She drinks the soya formula fine but I have read reports regard to fluoride content of soya and other possible effect in later life.

She now has seven teeth and you can see a bit of light, white spotting on her front teeth if you look closely.

I rushed out after reading this and bought cows milk formula to see if her body will be more accepting of it now. I have read soya milk contains around six times as much fluoride as cows formula and up to 30 times as much as breast milk.

The thing I wanted to determine was at what age do you actual main teeth form in your gums and will they be affected at this early stage?

I looked on wiki but it was all a bit scientific and I found it hard to determine the time the enamel forms on the adult teeth.

A long question I know! Any advice is appreciated.
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Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:21 pm 
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Hi there and welcome to Askbaby!! It is never to early to visit a dentist and Im hoping it is the same over there as it is in NZ and dental care is free for children?? They will have all the info you need and will be able to explain it in terms you can understand. I assume it was a doctor that recommended the soya and he should be keeping an eye out for the side effects of using it, im only using the term side effects because I dont know what else to call it. Either of the 2 medical types should be able to give you the answers you need Very Happy Thats what they are there for so dont hesitate in seeking advice!!!
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Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 1:32 pm 
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Hiya Smiler

My 8 month daughter is also on the SMA Soya Milk and it does contain higher levels of sugar than normal. Nobody has prescribed this for us but we are the same as you, our daughter was sick with normal SMA and we are guessing she is lactose intolerant. My Health Visitor told me its ok in the short term but not to stay on it long because its no good for their teeth and as i was breastfeeding she wasn't having much anyway but now my milk has dried up and I am also worried about her teeth. However, we are due to see a dietician on the 28th of this month and hopefully they will prescribe some other formula for us. I will ask about what effect the soya milk has on teeth and let you know but our appointment is stil a few weeks away. I know i haven't offered much help but at least you know your not on your own !! How long has your daughter been on soya ??
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Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:45 pm 
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Hi Tom

check with a dentist as you may find that having so muchn fluoride is not really a bad thing - I grew up with too much fluoride and the net result is that I never had a filling in my life, and have fantastically strong teeth! Definitely register baby with your family dentist and make an appointment though.

Good Luck
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