beaker time !

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Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:17 pm 
Post subject: beaker time !
well its my first time on this foum ! carnt belive its gone so quick
but now im tryin to wean skye off her bottle to a beaker !
an she isnt havin any ov it !
i give her grown up milk now an she doesnt want it at all an im putting it in a beaker so she nos it diffrent to her old milk ! she is on that in the day an at night i give her good night milk in a bottle as its so thick ,
she dont want that eva , its so hard an frustrating cause she just throws it on the floor an i end up giving in an putting it in her bottle ! cause i dnt no what else to do , she drinks her juice out ov her beaker but why not her milk ?
im so frustrated cause i just wanna do whats best for skye !
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Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:16 pm 
Post subject:
hmmmm i'm stumped by that one!!

boots used to do a bottle to beaker convertable thing with a winnie the pooh style was a bottle with handles, I tried it with my daughter but she was really stubborn and wouldn't even slightly warrant a change, might be worth a try?! avent do interchangable juice/bottle bits too i think that could be a similar approach to take.

Out of experience I really struggled to get my daughter off the bloomin bottle aswell yet my friends found it simple! (which is very frustrating)
In the end for a simple life i resided to beakers of juice in the day...bottle at bedtime...and one of those groovy straw cups with milk in for breakfast as it was in the high char.............and about 20 months she got really big on drinking from we did warm milk through a straw in a cup!

If shes still being a little picky about milk outta beaker in morning just pop the calcium in her diet through different sources like fromage frais...cheese...multi vit syrup even? best thing you can do is relax...she ent gonna want a bottle wen shes 16! I found my LO took great interest in what her little mates were drinking from like cartons or beakers...she would want to give it a try!! its all novelty at their age! same with food!

Hope I can be some help!
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Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:40 pm 
Post subject:
Hi there,

I had a bit of a problem getting my little one off the bottle - he would start to drink from a beaker - then realise it wasn't the bottle and freak out!

I bought the avent spouts - you get 2 spouts per pack and they seem to fit every bottle! I kept perservering by giving him his milk with the spout instead of the teat - if he wouldn't drink it I would take it away. He then started to drink a bit more everyday until he his now fine with it. I tried alsorts of cups/beakers but the best without a doubt was the 1.99 tommee tippee one - with handles and a clseable spout

Might be worth a try to get them to make the transition?

Good Luck
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